How can Virginia residents better handle their anger?

Virginia residents with tempers should learn a few healthy methods for dealing with their anger to better avoid criminal charges.

Some people are more prone to anger than others, and they might sometimes have trouble controlling their emotions. Learning how to properly manage anger can go a long way in preventing being arrested in Virginia on a violence charge. With a few tips and some patience, quelling anger is made much easier.

Acknowledge your anger

You might tell yourself you are not angry, but doing so can be quite harmful and counterproductive. Instead, it is better to be honest with yourself about the fact you are angry because then you can start taking steps to handle that anger rather than let it fester inside where it can lead to more unnecessary stress and frustration.

Bring yourself together

Speaking out in anger is a surefire way to harm friendships and relationships. You know when you become angry enough to say things you might not mean or things that are unintentionally hurtful. When you feel yourself reaching that point, take a step back and give yourself the space you need to collect your thoughts so you can communicate them with a level head.

Name it

Even if you know what is making you angry, it is still a good idea to take out time to write out exactly what is making you upset, breaking it down to the basics. The initial reason you give yourself might only be the beginning. When you break down the root of your emotions, you might find underlying causes you never knew, which allows you to truly deal with all your anger rather than a fraction of it.

Focus on the solution

Once you know what is making you angry, put your energy into devising a solution rather than continue to stew in your anger. Know that your time, energy and effort are better spent on productive solutions rather than going in circles and making yourself angry all over again by dwelling on the problem.


If your anger often translates into harmful and dangerous physical action, transmute it into something healthy and helpful. When you feel yourself getting angry, head to the gym or go for a walk or run. The endorphins and fresh air will do you some good, and afterward, you might be too tired to stay angry.

Talk about it

Talking about your anger with trusted friends and family is another good idea. Just make sure the person you talk to is a good listener and known for offering good advice. Otherwise, you might find yourself becoming more frustrated when the person is not able to help you cope or find a solution.

The above tips can help you deal with your anger, but they are not an end-all solution. If you find yourself hit with criminal charges in Virginia, be sure to reach out to a lawyer to explore your legal options.