An Experienced And Assertive Advocate When You Face Criminal Charges

Criminal charges of any kind have a lasting effect on your life. To protect your freedom and your future, it is important to select a defense attorney who is skilled at building persuasive and thorough arguments on your behalf.

I am criminal defense lawyer Louis K. Nagy. At The Law Office of Louis K. Nagy, PLC, a Harrisonburg, Virginia, criminal defense law firm, I have extensive experience defending clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges. I also have extensive experience defending students at James Madison University and other nearby colleges and universities who face criminal charges.

Protecting Your Rights

I bring a unique, dual perspective to my criminal defense practice, utilizing the knowledge from my experience as a former state and federal prosecutor. My background in criminal trial advocacy make me a powerful force in the courtroom and an asset to any client facing charges.

My clients are always my first priority. I am diligent, building strong cases that draw on the evidence, my thorough investigation and my client's personal knowledge of the case. I look at every element of the case against my clients, ensuring that their constitutional rights are protected and finding the best route to a successful outcome.

My comprehensive criminal defense representation does not stop with a final verdict. I also represent individuals who want to clear previous criminal charges off their record through the expungement process.

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