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Why you might stand out to law enforcement when driving

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2022 | Uncategorized

You’ve had your driving license for several years now. You jump in your motor to head to work each day. Sometimes, you have time to drop the kids off at school. Your vehicle plays a central role in your life. You’d struggle to get by without it.

Law enforcement in Virginia takes drunk driving very seriously. They pull over and investigate potential DUI suspects every day. What sort of behavior could make you stand out to law enforcement on the roads?

The state of your vehicle

Police officers cannot stop you in an arbitrary manner. They are also not entitled to single you out because of your skin color or any other prejudicial reason. While they are entitled to investigate crime, they must not interfere with your liberty in an unjust manner. They must have a reasonable suspicion that something unlawful has or is about to take place.

Was your windshield smashed a few weeks ago, and you just haven’t had a chance to repair it. Maybe your headlights are faulty, and you have an appointment scheduled with a mechanic in a few days’ time? If your vehicle is not up to scratch legally or looks unsafe, then law enforcement has a legitimate reason to pull you over. This, in turn, could lead to further investigations.

How you’re driving

You’re usually extremely conscientious on the roads, but one morning, it looks like you’re going to be late for an important meeting. You put your foot on the gas and ran a few miles per hour over the limit. Maybe you’re cutting in and out of traffic to try and find a quicker way through? If you’re changing lanes rapidly, following closely behind other vehicles and exhibiting other unusual driving behaviors, this gives officers a legitimate reason to have a word.

Police officers don’t always get it right and your driving license is something that is worth protecting. Having a knowledgeable support network behind you will help you to achieve the most favorable outcome in your DUI case.