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Can your college education be hurt by a DUI?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | DUI

You may have joined a fraternity or sorority that frequently parties – and there’s no secret that alcohol will be involved. You may enjoy going to bars after long nights of studying. Whatever the case, you may have misjudged your alcohol consumption and taken actions you later regret.

Will a drunk driving conviction cause your college to expel you? Can all of your college perks be taken away by one small misstep? Here’s what you should know:

Knowing your school’s code of conduct is essential

You may be receiving your college education at a prestigious school. Your school may have many benefits: student loans, grants, honors society, internship programs, clubs, career fairs and school apparel – all of which can decide your future. 

So a DUI conviction may have startled you, causing you to freak out over your college education. You may not know how your college will respond to your conviction. But, you should know that every college considers differently how a student with a DUI charge is judged. 

Your college may have very lax regulations when it comes to DUI convictions. Your college may not even recognize any problems with a DUI until your second or third conviction. Other colleges, however, may have more strict codes of conduct, leading to a suspension or expulsion for receiving a DUI charge. You could have your graduation delayed. A DUI charge could cause you to lose out on your financial aid or even be seen on your permanent record. 

If you’ve recently been accused of driving under the influence then you may need to seek legal help to reduce the charges against you