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Why have your criminal record expunged? 

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Expungement

People can be quick to judge others without first making an accurate assessment. Those with criminal records can be stigmatized and unjustifiably written off. 

The truth is that nearly everyone can change if given the right opportunities. Another surprising fact is that people don’t always break the law with intent. There are some criminal convictions that have resulted from mistakes or misunderstandings of the law. 

There is a process in Virginia for expunging criminal records. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider this further:

Career prospects 

Whether you are at an early or more advanced stage of your career, a criminal record can have a significant impact. For instance, many colleges have a policy of not admitting anyone with serious criminal offenses against their name. 

It is also extremely common for potential employers to carry out background checks. With a criminal record, you might get as far as the interview process but having a record can severely impact your ability to land that job. It can even be an automatic bar to some positions. 

Securing a home 

It’s possible that landlords may carry out similar background checks for potential tenants. They may want to screen prospective tenants for any blemishes on their records that indicate dishonesty or antisocial behavior. Ultimately, this could prevent you from obtaining a home. 

One mistake from your youth or a simple error of judgment should not be held against you forever. Seeking some guidance on how to get your record expunged can help to give you that second chance you deserve.