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Accusations Of Internet Sex Crimes Require Experienced Legal Defense

Making arrangements to have sex with an underage person is a crime. This even includes circumstances when you are speaking with an undercover agent posing as a minor. These crimes can lead to significant mandatory minimum sentences. Being convicted of one of these crimes could have a devastating effect on an individual’s future by resulting in lengthy prison sentence and inclusion on the sex offender registry.

At The Law Office of Louis K. Nagy, PLC, we will not just plead you guilty because we know what is at stake for our clients charged with these offenses. We examine the validity of the charges and explore every opportunity to avoid jail, a felony record and sex offender status. We handle sex crimes in Rockingham County, Harrisonburg, Staunton, Augusta County, Shenandoah County and all other localities throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

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Experienced Defense Against All Internet-Related Sex Charges

Using the internet and various forms of social media, individuals are able to easily meet up with people, including people who are interested in getting together for sex. Law enforcement officers also review various websites, chat rooms and Facebook, posing as underage teens in order to catch people who are possibly seeking sex with minors.

We routinely defend clients charged with internet-related sex crimes:

  • Soliciting a minor for sex via internet or cellphone
  • Sexual contact with minors (battery, sodomy, intercourse)
  • Internet solicitation of prostitution on Craigslist, etc.
  • Child pornography charges, including “sexting”

These offenses carry significant consequences if convicted. Additionally, the younger the age of the minor, the more severe the penalties. Our first goal is to get the charges dismissed or reduced to a non-sex offender offense. After examining the facts of the case, we will engage the commonwealth’s attorney in negotiations or, if necessary, challenge the charges at trial.

Defending Against Child Pornography Charges

Child pornography charges are some of the most serious child sex crimes. Convictions for these crimes carry harsh penalties. Individuals who are arrested for child porn charges face long prison sentences and permanent registry as a sex offender.

We will explore defenses such as accidental viewing of child porn while surfing adult porn, access to your computer by other persons, or Fourth Amendment violations relating to search and seizure. We focus on thoroughly investigating your case so that we can make the determination as to whether to negotiate a plea or go to trial.

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