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Expungement Can Open A World Of New Opportunities

A criminal record will create all sorts of problems in your life. For instance, having a criminal record may make it more difficult to get a job in certain fields, and can lead to problems obtaining government benefits. Expungement, when available, may allow you to clear your criminal record. An attorney can be instrumental in guiding you through the process.

At The Law Office of Louis K. Nagy, PLC, we are ready to take the necessary steps to help you clear your record. Based in Harrisonburg, we regularly represent college students and other young people who want the peace of mind that comes with having a clean criminal record.

Expunging Felony And Misdemeanor Arrests

In Virginia, criminal charges can be expunged in certain situations. We will look closely at the facts of your arrest and advise you whether expungement is an option for you. If your arrest record can be expunged, we will help you file the necessary petition with the court.

Prior to founding the law firm, attorney Louis Nagy was a prosecutor who regularly handled expungement petitions. This experience is helpful in creating an expungement petition that has the best chance of success. If we have to go to court to argue that an expungement is deserved, we are prepared to do so.

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