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What is the drug court program? 

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2023 | Drug Crimes

The drug court program is different than traditional court. It is a program that is used after someone has been arrested on drug charges. But the hope is that that individual will not have to spend time in jail.

Instead, the drug court is used to establish a treatment program. This individual will be closely monitored to make sure that they are following the laws and going through with their treatment obligations. If they are able to complete the program, then they may be released without being charged criminally. If they fail to complete the program, then they may have to face those criminal charges.

Why is this system used?

This system was established to fight against addiction. Authorities realize that, in many cases, drug crimes just happened because the individuals involved were addicted to those substances. Someone who was caught possessing drugs – or even making a purchase – knew that the substances were illegal and they knew they could face serious ramifications, but they couldn’t help it because they were addicted. They needed medical treatment, not time in jail.

That being said, not everyone qualifies for the drug court program. As a general rule, this is just used for non-violent crimes. A person who possesses a small amount of illegal drugs for personal use is not seen as a threat to the general public. But someone who has a large quantity of substances and is clearly selling or trafficking them would likely not be allowed to use this program. Neither would someone with aggravating factors, like gun charges.

For those who do qualify, however, the drug court can be a game-changer. This is part of the reason that everyone needs to know about their legal options when facing any charges.