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Most alleged drunk drivers have done it before

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2024 | DUI

When it comes to drunk driving arrests, the potential sentences become harsher when someone has a prior record of similar offenses. In Virginia, for instance, the fines will double for a second offense and the driver’s license suspension or revocation could be increased from one year to three years. This is why it’s very important for those who are facing such accusations to know all about their defense options. Having this type of criminal record can have a drastic impact on future sentences.

That being said, it’s interesting to note that researchers believe the average drunk driver has probably operated their vehicle under the influence around 80 times before being arrested. In other words, most people who are impaired behind the wheel are not driving under the influence for the very first time. They have done it before, but they may not have a criminal record if they haven’t been caught. 

Why does this happen?

One big reason why this happens may be that it’s hard for people to gauge how intoxicated they are. They typically compare themselves to those around them, judging their intoxication on a relative scale. But as intoxication goes up, people tend to get worse at realizing that they are drunk.

Those who drink frequently, in other words, may become acclimated to it and may not even realize that they’re over the legal limit when they get behind the wheel. They may not intend to break the law and may not even realize they have done so until they take a breath test that is over the legal limit.

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